Hi, my name is Jackie and this is my portfolio site.

Why Venus 9 Design? Well, back in the olden days of the interweb you could only get online one of two ways — through Compuserve or AOL. AOL had the friendlier interface so that's what I used. I thought Venus was a cool name and nine rhymes with design. So there you have it!

As for me, I'm married and my husband and I live in a quirky old house. We have two dog kids and a couple of motorcycles. Less brake, more throttle!

What's New?

T-Shirt Designs

For Vapers Choice Stores

Inquiry Banners

Part of the Lackawanna college personalized websites for applicants

Magazine Ad

Double truck ad in Smoke & Vape Business Solutions magazine for MMS Distribution, featuring the Bo e-cigarette


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“The combination of creativity and professionalism from Venus 9 Design is exactly what we need. Jackie‚Äôs service is creative, timely, and accurate. She is professional and easy to communicate with when we have to make last minute changes. Thank you for all your good work.”
– Patricia MacAvery, The Artina Group

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Jackie Gregory of Venus 9 Design. Since we began our relationship in 1993, Jackie has consistently produced on-time and on-budget design work. She understands our needs and has unfailingly provided effective and well conceived print and web site design. Professional in all regards, I heartily recommend Venus 9 Design to anyone needing quality design services with great customer support.”
– Elisabeth Mansfield, Mansfield Commercial Real Estate

“I've worked with Venus 9 on more than a dozen web and print projects in the last few years, and I recommend them as highly as possible. Jackie's design work is always first rate, she delivers on time, and is pleasant to work with. If you're looking for beautiful and effective print or web design, this is NYC quality with country friendliness.”
– Barry Levine, Engaging Info

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